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字典查不到:中國“特色”英語辭彙 -2

? 以產定人,減員增效 employ workers in accordance with production needs and increase efficiency while reducing the staff

  ? 一次性筷子 throwaway chopsticks

  ? 一次性用品 disposable goods

  ? 一刀切 cut it even at one stroke--make it rigidly uniform; impose uniformity in all cases; allow no flexibility

  ? 移動通訊 mobile communication

  ? 依法治國 manage state affairs according to law; run state affairs according to law

  ? 以法治國,以德治國 to govern the country with law and moral

  ? 一帆風順 Wishing you every success

  ? 一方有難,八方支援 When disaster struck, help came from all sides.

  ? 一個中心,兩個基本點 one central task, two basic points

  ? 以公有制為主體,多種經濟成分共同發展 the pattern with the public sector remaining dominant and diverse sectors of the economy developing side by side

  ? 一國兩制 “One country, two systems“

  ? 義和團運動 Boxer Uprising

  ? 以經濟建設為中心 focusing on the central task of economic construction

  ? 一攬子(計畫) one-package (plan)

  ? 一切向錢看 money-oriented

  ? 以權謀私 abuse of power for personal gains

  ? 以人為本 people oriented; people foremost
  ? 以上海浦東開發開放為龍頭,進一步開放長江沿岸城市 open more cities along the Yangtze River, while concentrating on the development and opening of the Pudong Area of Shanghai

  ? 一手抓物質文明,一手抓精神文明;一手抓經濟建設,一手抓民主法制;一手抓改革開放,一手抓打擊犯罪懲治腐敗 We must always work for material progress and at the same time for cultural and ethical progress; We should develop the economy and at the same time strengthen democracy and the legal system; We should promote reform and opening to the outside world and at the same time fight crime and punish corruption.

  ? 義演 benefit performance; charity performance

  ? 以眼還眼,以牙還牙 an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth

  ? 一言既出,駟馬難追 A real man never goes back on his words.

  ? 以品質求生存、求發展、求效益 “strive for survival, development and efficiency on the basis of quality“

  ? 以品質求發展 strategy of development through quality; win the market with quality products

  ? 硬道理 “absolute principle, top priority“

  ? 英雄所見略同 Great minds think alike.

  ? 營養不良 malnutrition

  ? 有法可依,有法必依,執法必嚴,違法必究 There must be laws to go by, the laws must be observed and strictly enforced, and lawbreakers must be prosecuted.

  ? 有個奔頭 have something to look forward to; have somehthing to expect

  ? 憂患意識 awareness of unexpected development; being prepared for unexpected development; being prepared for any eventualities

  ? 優化資源配置 optimize the allocation of resources

  ? 優化組合 optimization grouping; optional regrouping

  ? 有理想、有道德、有文化、有紀律 “with lofty ideals, integrety, knowledge and a strong sense of discipline“

  ? 有理,有利,有節 on just grounds, to one’s advantage and with restraint; with good reason, with advantage and with restraint

  ? 有錢能使鬼推磨 Money makes the mare go. Money talks.

  ? 有情人終成眷屬 “Jack shall have Jill, all shall be well.“

  ? 優勝劣汰 survival of the fittest

  ? 優勢互補 (of two countries or companies) have complementary advantages

  ? 有識之士 people of vision

  ? 有緣千裏來相會 Separated as we are thousands of miles apart, we come together as if by predestination.

  ? 有中國特色的社會主義道路 road of socialism with Chinese characteristics

  ? 有中國特色的社會主義民主政治 a socilalist democracy with Chinese characteristics

  ? 鷸蚌相爭,漁人得利 “when the snip and the calm grapple, it is the fisherman who stands to benefit; two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it“

  ? 預防為主,誰污染誰治理和強化環境管理三大政策 three major principles for environment control: to put prevention first, to hold those who cause pollution responsible for cleaning up and to improve environmental protection and management

  ? 與國際慣例接軌 become compatible with internationally accepted practices

  ? 與國際市場接軌 integrate with the world market; become integrated into the global market

  ? 欲窮千裏目,更上一層樓 “to ascend another storey to see a thousand miles further; Ascend further, were you to look farther; Would eye embrace a thousand miles? Go up, one flight.“

  ? 與時俱進 advance with the times

  ? 冤假錯案 “cases in which people were unjustly, falsely or wrongly charged or sentenced; unjust, false or wrong cases“

  ? 冤家宜解不宜結 Better make friends than make enemies.

  ? 援藏幹部 cadres sent to support/aid Tibet

  ? 在孵(孵化器)企業 incubated enterprises (incubator)

  ? 在建專案後續資金 additional funding for projects under construction

  ? 再就業服務中心 re-employment service center

  ? 再就業工程 re-employment project / program

  ? 宰(客) to swindle money out of our customers

  ? 災民 flood victims; flood-stricken people

  ? 宰人 rip off

  ? 造假帳 falsified accounts

  ? 早戀 puppy love

  ? 增強人民體質 build up people’s health

  ? 增值稅 value added tax(VAT)

  ? 債臺高築 become debt-ridden

  ? 戰斧式巡航導彈 Tomahawk cruise missile

  ? 占著茅坑不拉屎 be a dog in the manger

  ? 漲落線 advance balance line

  ? 掌上電腦 palm pilot

  ? 招財進寶 Money and treasures will be plentiful

  ? 招商引資 attract/bid for/invite investments (from overseas)

  ? 招生就業指導辦公室 enrolment and vocation guidance office

  ? 真善美 the true, the good and the beautiful; truth, good and beauty

  ? 振興經濟 revitalize the economy

  ? 振興中華 make China powerful and strong; revitalize the Chinese nation

  ? 震源 focus (of an earthquake), seismic origin

  ? 震中 epicenter

  ? 政府採購 government procurement

  ? 政府搭臺,部門推動,企業唱戲 “Governments set up the stage, various departments cooperate and enterprise put in the show. “

  ? 正氣 uprightness; integrity; probity; rectitude

  ? 政企分開 separate government functions from enterprise management

  ? 政治合格,軍事過硬,作風優良, 紀律嚴明,保障有力 “be qualified politically and competent militarily, have a fine style of work, maintain strict discipline and be assured of adequate logistical support“

  ? 政治協商、民主監督、參政議政 exercise political consultation and democratic supervision and participate in deliberating and administration of state affairs

  ? 紙包不住火 Truth will come to light sooner or later.

  ? 知己知彼,百戰不殆 Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.

  ? 直接道歉 a straight-out apology

  ? 直接三通與雙向交流 three direct links (mail, air and shipping services and trade) and bilateral exchanges

  ? 智力引進 recruit / introduce (foreign) talents

  ? 智囊團、思想庫 the brain trust;think tank

  ? 職能轉換 transformation of functions

  ? 知識經濟 knowledge-based economy

  ? 知識經濟 knowledge economy , knowledge-base economy

  ? 知識就是力量 Knowledge is power.

  ? 知識密集 knowledge-intensive

  ? 職務發明 on-duty invention

  ? 職務犯罪 crime by taking advantage of duty

  ? 植物人 human vegetable; vegetable

  ? 直銷 direct marketing; door-to-door sale

  ? 支柱產業 pillar / cornerstone industry